Partnering4Change is more than just
a consultancy service

Partnering4Change offers expert advisory services for non-profits, CSRs, Foundations and other development sector stakeholders working to create transformative change on the ground. We enable organizations to identify and cover critical gaps in their work processes, programme approach and outreach so that they are able to scale their work by integrating an intersectional approach. Our work is informed by our experience working in the development sector with diverse organizations (*grassroots, national and international organizations) and we understand the changing requirements and emerging needs on the ground. 

  • We Offer- 
  • Participatory and collaborative relationship that enables organizations to turn their vision into tangible action.

  • Customized solutions by a team of multidisciplinary experts, which is easy to adapt and implement so that organizations can work unhindered.

  • A thorough intersectional approach embedded in every aspect of our work.

Our Story

We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals with over 15 years of experience in the development sector, driven by a shared passion for creating social change. Drawing from our collective experience we recognized the significance of addressing critical gaps in the non-profit operations to enable organizational growth and unlock their full potential. Established in 2020, P4C was founded with a vision to support organizations so that they can continue their work on the ground unhindered.

Our Values
  • Credibility

    We build relationships based on trust and accountability.

  • Inclusion

    We believe in creating a space that is accessible and inclusive.

  • Participatory

    We believe in creating a collaborative environment that harnesses expertise to co-develop solutions.